13th March 2019

Author: Gemma Miles, Creative Director

During this windy spell with the weather it can be hard to maintain your style whilst keeping your hair protected with the right products.

Clients often ask me for advice in these situations, so there are three products I would recommend to keep your hairstyle under control on these blustery days!

1. KMS Therma Shape 2 in 1 Spray - £19.50

This is a great all rounder, it is to be used on dry hair during heat styling, so you can straighten or curl your hair whilst preventing damage, or breakage. It will also add hold and shine as a soft finishing spray.

2. KMS Anti-Humidity Seal - £21.00

For days that are damp, or humid too, this product will help protect your style against these conditions. This is perfect for straightened hair as it will protect your finished look for up to 24 hours! Also keeping the frizz at bay, this weightless formula will also increase shine.

3. KMS Firm Finishing Hair Spray - £15.00

Spray and be done!!! This spray's quick drying, strong, and gives you a durable hold. This is a great spray as its light, wont go flaky and leaves no residue. It will give hold and humidity resistance for up to three days.

I hope these tips have proved helpful, and as always I welcome any comments or feedback.

Gemma x

01462 730342