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Hair SOS?

Have you ever got to the point where you think your hair needs a little more TLC? Creative director, Gemma Miles shares her top tips to give your hair the boost it needs.

Give your hair some TLC

Often, due to heat and product damage we put our hair through on a daily basis we are unintentionally damaging the bonds within the hair structure.

Goldwell have developed some products in their Dualsenses range that can repair your hair like a magic wand.

I’ve been using the Bondpro products in my hair for around 6 months, and can’t believe the difference. My hair is highlighted with bleach and regularly styled with heated equipment - which would make the ends brittle and snap. Using the Bondpro fortifying shampoo along with the 60second treatment and the repair and structure spray, each time I wash and style my hair, it has transformed the way it looks and feels.

Reducing the breakage has made such a difference to the thickness of my hair, I’ve always been hung up on having fine hair so I have a tough time with seeing the amount of breakage breakage I was seeing before I decided to give these products a try.

The science:

  • Inter-Amino-Bond-Builder: fortifies the hair from inside out by forming new ionic and hydrogen bonds.

  • MicroPROtec Complex: distributes essential care ingredients quickly and evenly and protects from color-fade-out.

  • FadeStopFormula: reduces color fading to a minimum.

  • Peptides and amino acids penetrate into the hair cortex, targeting the damaged areas.

  • Compounds of red and brown algae extracts form ionic and hydrogen bonds with remaining hair proteins, embedding these peptides in the inner cortex.

Give the hair the SOS treatment it deserves. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the results. I'd love to hear how you get on, if you choose to give it a go.

Love Gemma x

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