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Phillip Retires after 50 years!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Phillip Parkin, 71, founder of Hair by Phillip has finally decided to put his scissors in storage and retire after a long and successful career spanning over the past five decades!

Phillip and Val

Hair by Phillip has been based on the High Street since 1972, when Phillip and his wife Valerie moved to Stotfold from their home-town of Watford. From day one Phillip has attracted a loyal following of clients, many of which are more like friends, and are still regular visitors to Hair by Phillip to this day!

Looking back over the past 50 years, it’s clear to see that Phillip has had an impressive career from building up a successful salon with a fantastic client-base, to winning many awards and travelling halfway across the world to compete for the UK, and teaching and assessing hundreds of apprentice hairdressers. With all that under his belt, it’s no wonder Phillip needs a break!

Phillip says: “I’ve had an absolutely brilliant career, I’ve made lots of friends, provided a listening ear, and have mentored many hairdressers who have gone on to do great things. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, all the wonderful clients and of course all the staff who have supported me over the years. But it’s my wife Val who deserves the biggest thanks, she’s been by my side for the past 50 years, so thanks Val!”

The future looks bright for Hair by Phillip as it remains a family business, having been owned by Phillip’s two daughters Sarah and Gemma since 2012.

Phillip said: “I’m so proud of how the salon has grown and evolved over the years and I know that Hair by Phillip will continue to grow and provide a great service through my daughters. They’ve done a brilliant job over the last 6 years with the recent refurbishment and introducing improvements like appointment reminders and online bookings which clients expect in today’s world”.

Gemma added: “We will really miss Dad in the salon, he has taught me so much, and I’d never have won the competitions without his support and encouragement. He has a marvellous way with clients and I’ve tried my best to do the same. We will all miss him around the salon and wish him a long and happy retirement”.

To celebrate Phillip’s retirement, Phillip and his family would like to invite you to his retirement bash that will be taking place at the Conservative Club on Friday 1st March from 8pm - 11pm. If you know Phillip, worked with him, or have been a client, then please pop in!

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