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Sustainability at HBP

Our environmentally aware team strives to keep at the forefront of current trends and new concepts. That's why Hair By Phillip's creative director, Gemma has been looking at the current situation with climate change at the top of it's agenda, with the main focus being on providing more sustainable products for both retail and use within the salon.

We work in partnership with Goldwell, who’s mantra is ‘big performance, small footprint’. They are constantly looking at ways to improve their footprint. Formulation, packaging and manufacturing is constantly improving. Their vision is to become a climate neutral company.

With these factors in mind we have taken on Goldwell KMS new product range called ‘Concious Style’.

It’s a compact assortment of four essential products developed with a few, but high performing ingredients with a minimum impact on the planet, they are free from any animal derived ingredients, formulated with 98% natural derived ingredients, ecocert certified, sustainable packaging, 100% recyclable and with reduction and recycling of virgin plastic consumption the CO2 emissions decreases significantly.

The products available in this range are, Shampoo £17.00, Conditioner £17.00, Styling Putty £18.50, Multi Benefit Spray £21.00.

Goldwell have also launched a new range of lightening products called light dimensions. We have been using these new products in the salon for quite some time now and have been really impressed with the changes made to the new sustainable packaging with 80% less plastic and recyclable by 97%. They also provide other benefits such as conditioning intralipid technology, containing silk protein complex, up to 9 levels of lift, anti yellow system and a stronger lift.

As well as sourcing more sustainable products, we have been looking at other ways to make our salon more ethical. We have already implemented a few changes, such as introducing digi-mags, a website that allows you to browse through 90 magazine titles online, you simply scan a QR code and pick the magazine you would like to view. This helps eliminate the waste caused by keeping up with all the latest hard copies.

We also recycle a lot of our waste including packaging and paper, and we have an online booking system, eliminating the need for appointment cards as a reminder will be sent via sms. It also means we no longer need a hard copy of an appointment book.

The HBP app is great for making appointments and keeping track of your loyalty points earned, meaning there’s no need for a loyalty card with a stamp.

We will endeavour to continue making changes and doing our best to keep up to date with the latest advice and recommendations.

Gemma x

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